My Story (Or why I do this and I'm not the drummer of Rush)

Whether it was playing drums in a band, performing at The Second City or starting my own design & marketing agency, I always thought I had a mission that was bigger than myself. 

But I didn’t.

Much of what I had done up to that point was wildly challenging and adventurous, yet there was still a giant void, a voice inside shouting “You still haven’t done what you were born to do.”

It took losing my third big career and spending 18 months scraping by to discover my calling: aligning my talents in marketing, storytelling and performance behind a cause. That cause was the National MS Society.

I’m not sure why I hadn’t made the connection earlier in my life. It should’ve been obvious. After all, my Mom had lived with MS for 34 years. The affects of the disease impacted our entire family.

Luckily, no matter how bad things got, Mom did her best to keep a smile on her face. Even when I became livid at strangers for looking at my mom like she was some kind of freak, Mom never judged anyone. She was eternally forgiving, scrappy, stubborn and determined to keep doing the things I took for granted (like walking).

She encouraged me to follow my dreams, even as her own slowly slipped away. And she loved to laugh. OMG. Laughter at our house was essential to our survival. Through a gauntlet of relentless challenges, I learned that making people laugh was a potent communications tool and a volcanic force for healing. Which is why I adopted humor as one of my life’s cornerstones.

As the Vice President of Marketing & Events for the National MS Society, I shared Mom’s story with thousands. Talking openly about her life and how she inspired me was cathartic both for me and everyone I connected with. It helped others to realize they weren’t alone—gave them permission to open up, be vulnerable, overcome their fears of disappointment or failure, take action on behalf of the cause and realize that they, too, had a mission that was bigger than themselves.

I am Mom’s legs that could no longer move.

I am Mom’s hands that could no longer draw.

I am Mom’s voice that could no longer speak.

I am the story she would want to tell.

Whether you’re a passionate staff or board member, volunteer, fundraising event participant or anyone searching for a way to align your talents with a greater purpose, I will help you move mountains.

The journey begins with your personal story.