Rockify Your Revenue: Content Marketing & Campaigns

“We’re passionate about this work and truly believe it’s what helped drive successful outcomes for us in our market. Marketing and storytelling have been powerful and strategic fundraising tools for us. We’re thrilled for the opportunity to share auGi’s talents and our success for broader impact.”

Lisa Dungan Roth
Former President
National MS Society, Oregon & SW Washington

How many millions (or thousands) are you leaving on the table because you’re unable to reach your second and third-tier event participants? Or because you don’t have an internal marketing team? Or because someone said, “Nobody will donate unless we give them a free keychain!”?

Together, we’ll launch a program that transforms doubters into believers and rockstars into superstars.

We'll help you achieve groundbreaking results by:

  • Building an online fundraising & storytelling training program

  • Creating an actionable marketing strategy & campaign

  • Developing compelling stories from across your organization

  • Hosting story workshops and events

ROI: Through a video, email, and social campaign, The Mount St. Helens Institute doubled fundraising during both Southwest Washington's annual Give More 24! campaign and the Institute's year-end appeal. 


We know there are far easier ways to raise money than by doing a bake sale or crocheting barn owls and selling them on Etsy. Instead, let’s build a program or campaign that emboldens both newbies and veterans to overcome their fear of “The Ask,” provides super-easy ways to energize online giving, and extends the reach and influence of your development team.

Ideal for: Special events (walk, bike, run, mud run, climb, etc.), general campaigns, year-end appeals



Q: How do you make your events stand out in a sea of competition?

A: By showcasing the real people who support the cause.

From developing the strategy to executing the creative, I will help your organization build a groundbreaking marketing campaign that drives results. For instance, 4 All Walks of Life (pictured above), which I developed for the National MS Society, helped spur +18% growth in revenue over a 3-year period.

Ideal for: Peer-to-Peer fundraising and special events



As a famous fundraising sage** once said, “People don’t give to an organization, they give to other people.” Oddly enough, the very thing that many nonprofits do to drive support is share data and statistics about their organization—the very thing that research has proven diminishes fundraising.

Instead of sharing your organization’s story, your P2P (peer-to-peer) fundraisers need to share their own. Because they are the face of your cause—the trusted friend that represents your mission, and the individuals on the front lines evangelizing on your behalf.

Ideal for: Large-scale special events (walk, bike, run, mud run, clown camp*, etc.)

*If you hold an annual clown camp fundraiser, you better invite me to emcee because my hair is nearing Bozo-level proportions. 

**Thanks to Samantha Swaim for this wonderful quote.

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