In order to grow your community and increase fundraising, you've got to energize your supporters, empower them to share their most personal stories, and help them overcome their fear of “The Ask.” 

You could also offer free donuts, but then you’d have to decide between old fashioned with or without sprinkles. That’s just way too controversial.

Through his own hero’s journey from standup comedian to marketing madman, auGi will show you fresh ways to supercharge your supporters, re-humanize your mission, and clobber your inner chicken.

Light Up Your Conferences and Events

auGi’s #BringLuvity keynote not only reminds us that humans are the heartbeat of causes, movements, and ideas, but also illustrates how Love+Levity equated to double-digit revenue growth for one of the world’s leading nonprofits. Every association and business conference could use a bolt of AUGTRICITY!
— Michelle Barber-Lyhnakis, Development Officer, Westminster College

Your annual conference, kickoff, or community events are one of the best opportunities to electrify people and create lifelong memories. But are you fully leveraging the potential of these captive audiences?

As your keynote speaker or emcee, auGi will:

  • Entertain, inspire, and ignite audiences to action

  • Transform supporters into evangelists

  • Scare audiences into happiness with his 7th grade headshot



As a veteran stage performer and communications expert, auGi will find the heart of your message and seamlessly weave your mission/brand into his presentation. And if you ask real nice, he might even do The Funky Chicken.

Core Topics & Themes: How to incorporate “Love+Levity” (aka LUVITY) into your organization and community to increase fundraising and engagement; supercharge supporters; personalize your communications; storytelling

Results: Leaders are emboldened to communicate more authentically; special event participants are empowered to advocate and fundraise for your cause; staff and volunteers deepen their connections to your mission and your constituents.

Ideal for: Conferences, annual fundraisers, and P2P kickoff events.



Bring a fresh face, a big voice, and a lighthearted, dynamic presence that’ll keep your guests on their toes and pave the way for a successful live auction or event. And yes, if you’re holding a cycling fundraiser, auGi will wear Spandex. 

PS. As a skilled strategist, producer, and scriptwriter, auGi will work with you to develop a powerful program that moves mountains.

Ideal for: Conferences, Galas, and special events.


Ready to hear auGi speak at your next event?

auGi's presentation style, storytelling skills, and innate vulnerability—combined with nearly 20 years as a comedian, Second City improviser, and professional speaker—creates an atmosphere that draws people together and inspires them to take action.

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Photo credits: Kelly Branan and Fireworks Photography