In order to grow your community and increase fundraising, you've got to energize your supporters, empower them to share their most personal stories, and help them overcome their fear of “The Ask.”

You could also offer free donuts, but then you’d have to decide between old fashioned with or without sprinkles. That’s just way too controversial.

AUGTRICITY will help your organization bolt beyond these goals in 4 distinct ways:

#1: Light Up Your Conferences & Events

Speaking, Emceeing, Program & Show Development

The single best opportunity to reboot passion and build community is through your live events. 

#2: Crank Fundraising Up to 11

Story Workshops & Shows

Empowering your staff, board, volunteers, and event participants to tell their most compelling personal stories is the foundation for bigger, bolder fundraising.

#3: Showcase the Faces & Stories of Your Tribe

Conference, Event, & Promo Videos

Nothing captures the vibrancy, diversity, and personality of your community than a nurd running around your event with a camera and a microphone.

#4: Rockify Your Revenue

Strategy & Content Marketing

There’s a pretty good chance you’re only cultivating the top 5% of your P2P (peer-to-peer) event fundraisers and team captains. What if you could break through to deeper segments without adding more staff?