What People Say...

"Are you looking for an authentic, warm-hearted, intelligent goofball to bring your community together? Someone who can inspire them to both laugh and cry? Call auGi. He was the keynote speaker at our annual conference and wow—his real-life stories and playful humor truly electrified our audience."

Melissa Mathews
President, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Utah Chapter


“I’ve never witnessed a conference speaker so effortlessly lead 550 people through such a range of emotions—from gut-wrenching laughter to bittersweet reflection. But auGi’s bionic energy, personal stories, and hilarious photos gave us permission to feel vulnerable, feel charged-up, and feel more alive.” 

Michelle Barber Lyhnakis
Development Officer, Westminster College


“As a keynote speaker, auGi opens his heart which empowers the audience to feel along with him, bringing some to tears and sharing in the most important part of human nature—connection.”

Molly Johnston
Senior Director, Bike MS


“auGi’s passion for creativity, connection, and authenticity is truly inspiring. He's a force of nature on stage, a compassionate leader, and one of the funniest artists I've had the joy to direct. auGi will inspire you to be your very best.”

Amy Seeley
Former Trainer & Show Director, The Second City

“He’s a brilliant, funny man.”

Peter Johansen
Former Showrunner & Producer for The Late Late Show on CBS, Chelsea Lately, George Lopez and NBC’s Today Show


"His innate talent to leap from disarming comic to poignant speaker inspired our audience and paved the way for a memorable Pink Martini fundraiser. If you’re looking for a fresh face to host or keynote your event, auGi’s your guy.”

William Tennant
Managing Director
Pink Martini & Heinz Records


"auGi is truly one of a kind. He looks at the world a little differently than the rest of us and that shines through in his honest, quirky, funny writing.”

Sarah Spain
espnW Columnist / ESPN Radio Host / SportsCenter Reporter / Second City


“auGi is the kind of keynote speaker you want to have at your next conference or team meeting. Through his energy and personal stories, he reminds us why delivering our message through a combination of both emotion and laughter are so powerful. And if that’s not reason enough, auGi incorporates the legacy of Rush, the Music Hall of Fame band and quintessential power trio, throughout his presentation. Reach out to auGi. He will make a difference in the life of your organization.”

Tilghman Moyer
Vice President, Main Campus Development
The University of Arizona Foundation


“auGi is a gifted entertainer and storyteller. His show, which seamlessly blends heart and humor, was the highlight of our annual fundraiser. Months after the event attendees were still commenting on his stellar performance.”

Doug Durbin
Former CFO, Something to Give


“auGi will simultaneously take you down memory Lane, pluck your tender heart strings and make you laugh ‘til you snort.”

Nicole Lane
Former Director of Communications & Community Engagement, Artists Repertory Theater


"auGi hosted our new food festival, Crave the Coast, and its success that day was because of his talent. He kept the energy up and the momentum going, engaging the crowd in food and travel events, including cooking demos and games. The feedback we received was ‘auGi is awesome!’ I agree.”

Nan Devlin
Executive Director, Tourism
Visit Tillamook Coast


"He is amazing in front of a crowd and draws people in. Exactly what you want when bringing communities together for a broader purpose!”

Nanette Reid
Vice Chairman of the Nat’l MS Society Oregon Chapter Board & Walk MS Co-Chair


“When speaking about a cause that deeply impacts people, we tend to stick close to the safe zone. But as someone who incorporates humor into my own medical practice, I was thrilled and inspired to watch auGi—who wrote and emceed our annual Hospital Foundation fundraising gala—infuse the program both with big heart and big laughs. His fresh, original, and entertaining combination energized our community, brought us more closely together, and increased our bottom line. Make ‘em laugh!”

Charles P Essex, MD
West Valley Hospital Foundation Gala committee Chair

MS Gala 17_113-cropped-augtricity.jpg

“As a professional auctioneer, I can’t express how valuable a skilled emcee is who can connect a crowd with heart and humor. auGi’s ability to do both is unparalleled. Can’t wait to work with him again!"

Justin Timm, BAS Auctioneer
Justin Timm Auction Service


“When I invite people to a fundraiser, I care about two things: First, will Mount St. Helens Institute make a case that motivates them to give? And second, how enjoyable will it be for them? I thought this was the most fun Boots and Bowties yet, and a lot of that was because of the humor and energy you brought.”

John Bishop, PhD
Board Member, Mount St. Helens Institute


“If you’re looking for someone who can command a room, combine an acute wit with a sharp sense of humor—all while keeping the energy & excitement high—auGi is your guy! He’s beyond talented and a consummate professional. Without a doubt, his stage presence and keen sense of the audience made for an evening we’ll not soon forget.”

Kevin Perkey
CEO, Workforce Southwest Washington


“The change in the program was brilliant. auGi was great! His combination of entertainment, humor and message worked. I hope we can get him on our calendar for next year.”

Pete Taylor
Managing Partner, Global Recruiters of Salt Lake City


“…such an impressive fusion of comedy, theater and autobiography—the audiences just seemed to love it.”

Trisha Mead
Former PR & Publications Manager, Portland Center Stage


“In his bones, auGi is a natural and gifted storyteller. But what distinguishes him from the rest is his uncanny ability to crowd-source his narrative which results in a remarkably authentic articulation of your brand, mission, or message. And this is the magic of AUGTRICITY. Like any true craftsman, auGi’s artistic vision and skill are both balanced and powered by his commitment to process. Make no mistake, auGi is a true pro who uses personality, humor, improv, intelligence and tireless energy to strategically bring a story to life.”

Ricky Durst
Sr. Director, Marketing & Fan Engagement
Pocono Raceway


“auGi has a rare talent of helping people discover the courage within themselves to face fear: Fear of failure. Fear of disappointment. Fear of being vulnerable. Fear of fundraising.”

Jim Fairchild
Podcast host, How You REALLY Doin’?


“auGi—you’ve got mad skills, my friend. I've done hundreds of auctions over the years and I'm impressed…”

Stephanie Stricklen
Former News Anchor, KGW TV (NBC)

“Sometimes you have to break with tradition while maintaining a thread to the past. auGi helped us carve a path that connected both—through producing both a heartbreaking video and writing/hosting our annual benefit. His craftsmanship as a storyteller, speaker, and interviewer galvanized our community and led to a successful fundraiser."

Lisa Dungan Roth
Foundation Director
SALEM HEALTH Hospitals & Clinics


"You were made for the stage."

Meg Worden
Director of Outreach, A Social Ignition


“Last month's Mortified in Portland was filled with great folks, but the standout of the night was auGi.”

Courtenay Hameister
Former Host and Writer, Live Wire! Radio

"You are such an amazing storyteller. I was blown away that you got that much amazing detail and story into 15 minutes."

B. Frayn Masters
Co-creator and Producer, Back Fence PDX


"auGi resurrected a world of awkward and wonderful teenage moments that I thought were lost forever in my vanishing memory.”

Gary Hirsch
Founder, On Your Feet and BotJoy


“auGi is a real collaborator who has a hilarious sense of humor and is very down-to-earth. Funny. Poignant. Real.”

Lynne Duddy
Co-founder, Portland Story Theatre

"The critical part about this workshop is not how to tell stories, but why you should tell them. When a Walk or Bike [fundraiser] participant knows why they should share their most compelling personal story, they have the foundation for everything that follows—growing their teams, providing donors with a clear reason to give, and becoming stronger advocates.”

Andrea Kofoed
Former Manager, Walk MS Oregon


“In addition to creating stronger connections with folks outside of our organization, auGi’s workshop also affected those within the organization. First of all, it was a great opportunity to bring staff and board together in an environment that encouraged folks to be vulnerable, leading to strengthened rapport and trust-building. Secondly, the process of considering our personal stories allowed many of us to uncover hidden connections to the organization.”

Raymond Yurkewycz
Executive Director, Mount St. Helens Institute


"When we decided to do a live show to celebrate the 100th episode of our weekly podcast, Find Your Dream Job, I immediately thought of auGi. He helped us plan the show, wrote a killer script, and coached me and my co-hosts how to perform on stage. We've had a great response from our audience. auGi played a vital part in our success.” 

Mac Prichard
President, Prichard Communications & founder of Mac’s List


"I get paid to speak around the world. But I never show up on stage without first consulting with auGi. He's turned my dull scripts into entertaining and engaging performances. Without his help in showing me how to tell my story, I wouldn't have a business. Period."

Joshua Waldman
Author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies and Founder of Career Enlightenment

"auGi is a man who embraces and celebrates strong women… he’s also beautifully quirky."

Jane Kleinberger
Founder, Paciolan


“People LOVE to work with auGi. Did I mention yet that he’s hilarious? My belief is that true genius humor like he possesses only is found in brilliant people.”

Lisa Morse
Former Internet Product Manager, AT&T


"Emotionally-charged, extraordinarily spirited, a best friend to sarcasm (and somehow his small body houses one of the largest hearts in the MS community), @augigarred drives me to be a more positive and fun role model to those who suffer and for those who care for the suffering. A whole lotta' love for this guy."

Aaron Edge
Ride Leader, Western Bikeworks


“auGi’s energy and enthusiasm for storytelling was infectious.”

Allyson O’Hagan
Realtor, John L. Scott Realty


“As an enviro nonprofit focused on business relationships, the human element can get lost too easily. auGi’s approach makes it more person-centered by emphasizing the story of the individual and their connection to the cause. I wish he had a magic wand to bring this workshop to every nonprofit.”

Kate Bemesderfer
Former Donations & Communications Manager, EarthShare Oregon


“At first I was terrified (as I usually am when put on the spot), but the environment made it easy to share and build upon a story I never thought I could connect with the work I do.”

Andrea Macias
Program Manager, Lift Urban Portland


“What emerged wasn't a nonprofit mission statement, but a story of how my mother shaped my childhood experiences into the teacher and father that I am now. It was at this point in the workshop where I realized how powerful and unexpectedly emotional stories can be.”

Tom Wolverton
Board Member, Mount St. Helens Institute


“It wasn’t just a speaking session—just sitting there listening and trying to remember ideas. It was very comedic. That’s what grabbed my attention. That there was comedy involved with such a serious disease. You could smile and laugh.”

Rudy Mendez
Team captain and top fundraiser, Bike MS: Ride to Valero

“auGi has an unique gift of making people realize and remember the heart of a message with timely humor. From all walks of life, he’s able to access and bring out everyone’s playful side.”

James Kim
Director of Marketing Services, PACnet Annual Conference


“auGi is a hard-working professional who shows attention to detail, a high degree of organization, and a commitment to excellence. He understands the needs of the client and always comes up with creative solutions, even under the tightest deadlines. auGi was instrumental in helping my organization launch a wide-scale P2P campaign for our newest initiatives. He understood our goals and crafted a plan that included all creative elements from web copy to social media promotion to email marketing. He is also incredibly easy to work with and I admire his impressive range of abilities.”

Stacy Gerard
Director, Content Strategy > Shatterproof: Stronger Than Addiction


“By sharing the stories of our riders who live with MS and the people who love them, we build a bridge between ‘the wallet and the why’ and inspire people to give. auGi’s high-energy workshop provides the tools to tell those stories, how to share them, gets attendees fired-up, and reminds us that donors don't give to a cause, they give to a person. Every development manager should incorporate the workshop into their plan.”

Amy Harris
Sr. Manager, Bike MS: Willamette Valley


Make your community smile. Book auGi for your next conference or event. :)