Showcase the Faces & Stories of Your Tribe

“The ‘auGi on the street’ video has become a tradition at our annual conference. Through playful interactions with our guests on camera, he brings our event to life and captures the spirit of PACnet—setting the ideal tone and mood year after year.”

Kim Damron
President and CEO, Paciolan

When guests show up for your big annual conference or weekend event, they didn’t drive hundreds of miles just to wear a crazy orange wig. They want to see friends, make lasting memories, and feel like they are part of something bigger.

Through interviewing your event guests on camera we will:

  • Galvanize your community

  • Entertain and make guests feel extra special

  • Create content for future event/fundraising campaigns

  • Capture the stories of your supporters and attendees


What if there was a simple way to show the passion, diversity, and sense of purpose people glean by belonging to your community or movement—while simultaneously adding a slice of endearing entertainment to your events? The AUGTRICITY team can shoot and show a video during your conference or build a post-event video for future promos and more.

Ideal for: Conferences or events with 300+ attendees


Inspire people to support your cause and showcase your impact.

Ideal for: Programs, special appeals, EOY giving campaigns, annual galas


Make it easy for your special event participants and volunteers to learn everything from fundraising to setting up a rest stop. 

Ideal for: Large-scale P2P fundraising or sporting events (bike, walk, race) or internal training


Do you know what people love more than donuts? Seeing themselves on video.

Let’s make one for your next conference or event. 

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