Telling Stories this Way Builds Community + Cranks Your Fundraising Up to 11

"auGi’s high-energy workshop provides the tools to tell personal stories, how to share them, gets attendees fired-up, and reminds us that donors don't give to a cause, they give to a person. Every nonprofit should incorporate the workshop into their development plan."

Amy Harris
Former Sr. Manager, Bike MS

The foundation of advocacy, recruitment, and fundraising starts with the real-life stories of your entire community. 

Through AUGTRICITY'S fun story shows & workshops, your fundraisers, staff and volunteers will:

  • Learn how to tell high-impact narratives that ignite big action
  • Embrace vulnerability as an ally, not a weakness
  • Overcome the fear of sharing difficult life moments
  • Recognize the universality of their experiences
  • Make genuine connections with others in your community
  • Feel emboldened to use their personal story as the catalyst for fundraising and recruiting

ROI: The average fundraising increase for Bike MS Oregon workshop attendees was 36% higher than the previous year, and nearly double that of all other fundraisers. 



In this deep-dive, team-building workshop, attendees will craft a powerful foundational story that connects directly to your mission, gain confidence sharing with groups and audiences, and be emboldened to recruit, advocate, and fundraise for your cause or company.

Ideal for: Up to 25 staff, board, or lead volunteers at a company offsite or retreat

Length: Half or whole day



In this comedy show-meets-workshop, attendees will get re-energized about your mission, craft a mission-centric personal story, and be armed with the tools to kickstart fundraising.

Ideal for: 100+ guests at your campaign season kickoff, annual conference, or peer-to-peer training event

Length: 2-2.5 hrs (including networking time)


In this fun, mid-tempo workshop, attendees will learn both the “how” and “why” of telling a personal story that opens the doorway to meaningful conversations, leads organically to fundraising, and gives them confidence to make “The Ask.”

Ideal for: Up to 20 staff, board members and/or volunteer leaders in your conference room, offsite or at a company retreat

Length: 90 minutes to 2 hrs


Why AUGTRICITY'S story shows & workshops are way more than just how to tell a story:  

Audience's laugh and experience a powerful rush, ready to move mountains for your cause because they uncover why they belong and what, at their core, drives them to care.

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Photo credits: Fireworks Photography and Kelley Branan